Let’s Know More about Puff Pastry, Danish Pastry and Croissant Pastry

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Who doesn’t love cake? People usually love to eat cake especially in a special moment. Cake gives a special taste in your mouth and of course increases your mood. If you are a cake lover, let’s try traditional Danish food like puff pastry, danish pastry, and croissant pastry.

Know the Differences

Pastry is a type of food that will make you fall in love easily. There are many types of pastry that you can try to make at home. Here we will discuss the difference between 3 kinds of pastry, puff pastry, danish pastry, and croissant pastry.

1. Puff pastry

First traditional danish food that is very popular is puff pastry. This is a kind of bread dough that didn’t need additional yeast. There are two types of puff pastry, sweet and savory. Before processing, let the dough stand for at least 30 minutes. The pastry can be processed in the oven with 200°C for 20 minutes. You can use this pastry dough for many purposes, such as banana pastry. It will taste good and has a soft texture.

2. Danish pastry

This kind of pastry is different with puff pastry. It needs additional yeast in the dough. Danish pastry is unique because the dough has a hole in the middle. The hole can be filled with fresh fruit or nuts. Let the dough stay in your freezer for 1-2 hours before you use it. After that, you can fold the dough for 3 or 5 times until it gives you 2 cm thickness. The dough needs to be processed in the oven at 180°C for 20 minutes.

3. Croissant pastry

This type of pastry is made with the same technique as danish pastry. But, this pastry needs to be processed with the same type as puff pastry. This is a perfect type pastry for you who love savory tastes. It is usually made with tuna and sausage filling. But people usually make an experiment by adding some sweets in this pastry like chocolate topping.

Traditional Danish food will be a good choice for you and family. You can try to cook the pastry at home or simply buy it. Add some ingredients that you loved the most so you will get the perfect taste you want.

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